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If you rent weekly, work out monthly by using the formula: (Weekly rent x52)/12

Terms and Conditions

This product is available only for the legal owner of the property.
You may be asked to provide proof of ownership at the time of claims.

Every tenant in your property must have completed a Full Reference with Canopy (Employer. Landlord). Tenant References must be either ACCEPT, CONSIDER or if HIGH RISK then the Tenant must have a Guarantor for the policy to be valid.
 I confirm all tenants in the property have no previous arrears,
missed or part payments since the start of the tenancy and all rental payments are up to date.

► If the property is rented to three or more unrelated adults, you hold a licence for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

► You are not aware of any disputes with a tenant that may give rise to a claim.

► Claims that occur in first 90 days are not covered where the tenancy agreement pre-dates policy start date, unless an equivalent legal expenses policy was in force prior to you insuring with us and cover has been maintained continuously between that previous policy ending and this policy starting.